Easy to Work With
Rudy and Rock,

Thank you for your patience while I was making my decision about what size system I wanted and where to put the 12K ground mount solar system. You were easy to work with and did a good job working with the electric company getting my solar array hooked up for net metering. I wish all of my purchases could be as easy as going through Arkansas Wind and Solar.

Your company was easy to work with and made my decision making process uncomplicated.


Sheri Herron


Fast, Straight Answers
To Whom it may concern,

I have been interested in installing a solar energy system for some time, but with all of the hype in the news about flaky/untested designers and installers, I was concerned about who to turn to for guidance.

Fortunately, I found the team at Arkansas Wind and Solar and was able to get fast, straight answers from Rock about the pros and cons of the different options available. Long story short, they took care of everything painlessly for me. My project installation is in Arkansas but I currently live in California and I didn't even have to travel to the site during the installation. They provided me with on-going updates of the process and everything was completed on time and exactly as quoted. The only difference in their original quote was a pleasant surprise....no sales tax on new renewable energy projects.

Bottom line, I really enjoyed the experience and would highly recommend Arkansas Wind and Solar to anyone looking for solar and/or wind energy products.

Robert O. Smith


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